Philadelphia was my last stop on the way home from wintering at my daughter's in Florida. Having lived over half my life in Pennsylvania I still hadn't seen Philly in light of day. My other two visits there were to utilize the airport on my way to and from somehwere. The first on the way home after Basic training at Fort Dix, and the second on the way back from Germany. Both times were at night and I didn't see anything of the city. This time I enjoyed a three hour walk around seeing the sights. I wish I had had more time.

As I drove into the city I noticed these rows of Brownstones.

On the left is a view into the center of Philly. On the right is a part of its skyline.

Philadelphia has many old, magnificent and interesting buildings like the ones seen here

An interesting mural

Philadelphia High School for the Performming Arts

Welcome to Washington Square

More of Washingtom Square

The Liberty Bell
I've photographed replica Liberty Bells all across the United States, but this was my first look at the real thing. Unfortunately, the museum was closed when I got there, so this photo was taken through the glass building in which the bell is housed.

More historic Philadelphia buildings

George Washington

Ben Franklin House

Saving a historical facade

The Athenaeum built 1814


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Curtis Publishing Company

In Pennsylvania there's snow even in late April

Music is "Streets of Philadelphia"

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