~Raleigh, North Carolina~

and the NC Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In my quest to visit all State Capitols I decided to visit Raleigh and Richmond on my way back from Florida. Off hand I don't know the count of those I've visited, but it's probably in the low forties. I'll get around to the rest one day.
I spent most of a day in Raleigh and took a tour of their Capitol Building, which is something I don't find time to do in all capitols. I found Raleigh to be an interesting and beautiful city.
Approaching Raleigh I saw a directional marker to the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is outside the city. Those photos are first up on this page.

North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial sits in an earthen bowl giving a feeling of peace and solitude to those visiting there. It has a wall of names of those who gave their lives in that war. Yellow ribbons commorating those who didn't return are tied the the amall trees lining the walk. The fourth photo was taken from atop the berm surrounding the Memorial.


The promenade between the Capitol Building and the State Legislature looking to the Legislative Building on the left. At the right is the North Carolina Museum of History.

Old folks and new folks

The Capitol Building

A tribute to the Armed Forces

Air Evacuation

Three Presidents from North Carolina

The Capitol

A church of Raleigh

Inside the dome

A historical display

The Old Senate Room from above

Many rooms of the Capitol are historical in nature and not used for present day operations. On left is the State Mineraologist office and on right is the old State Law Library

A student group on tour

The old Senate again

The Governor's office

Statue of George Washington

Sculpture outside the Museum of Natural Science

The North Carolina Legislative Building

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

The Governor's Mansion

The first robin of spring

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