~Richmond, Virginia~

Richmond was the second of the State Capitols I visited on my way back home from Florida in 2006. The Capitol Building was undergoing extensive renovation, so I didn't get to see the inside. I did, however, get some great photos of Old Richmond.
In the 1970s I was stationed in Key West, Florida and made several trips back and forth from Erie. The Interstate system wasn't near complete then and the Richmond area was one of those where I-95 was not done, so I had to travel trhough the city. One of the things I remember was the rows of red bick homes lining the highway. They are still there.

Two views of the Jefferson Hotel built in 1895

Unidentified, but beautiful

The Capitol Bell Tower
The Bell Tower also served as a guard house for the Capitol Guard. The bell was an alarm for fires and emergencies. During the Civil War
it was used to call out local defenders. The tower was restored by the Commonwealth in 1933 and now houses the Virginia Travel
Information Office.

The Old Customs House

The Virginia Capitol Building

George Washington on horse

The front of the Capitol

United States Court of Appeals

That unidentified building again

A new wing for the Capitol

Hunton Hall of Virginia Commonwealth University

Flowers and cherry blossoms in April

The Governor's Mansion

One of those red bricks homes I mentioned

Some were painted white or beige or turned into businesses, but still the same red brock buildings that were there in the 70s.

Music is "Richmond Rag"

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