~Saint Paul, Minnesota~

Approaching St. Paul, MN

My first stop was St. Paul's Cathedral. On the right is an angel on the rear dome of the cathedral.

Mass was being celebrated when I arrived. On a Wednesday morning only about thirty people were present.

The bell above the altar on the left and the main dome of the Cathedral on the right

The Minnesota Capitol Building and part of the St. Paul skyline from the front of St. Paul's Cathedral

Approaching the Capitol building

The dome close up

Christ Lutheran Church across Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd from the capitol is on the left.
St. Paul's Cathedral from the front of the capitol building is on right.

The front of the capitol building

The Progress of the State
The Quadriga and the ball atop the dome are covered with gold leaf.

The Minnesota State Christmas Tree

The dome from inside

Minnesota Senate chamber

The desk of Senator Steve Kelley

The House of Representatives chamber

The dome from the second floor

Minnesota Supreme Court

Wabasha III, Chief Santee Dakotas

The Governor's Reception Room is almost a museum containing historic furniture and paintings honoring the Minnesota regiments that fought in the Civil War.

St. Paul from the capitol steps

Minnesota State Office Building

The dome of St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Joseph's altar left of the main

The right (Mary's) altar

St. Matthew

The Cahtedral facade

Governor's Christmas tree

Music is "Minnesota"

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