The day after Thanks Giving Day, both Mary and Joe had to go to work. Consequently, I was "home alone" with my grandchildren, Jeremy and Nicole. We decided to take a trip to Charleston, and see some sights there and take some photos.
We also drove over to Patriot Point the home of the USS Yorktown, a small aircraft carrier docked there. To do this we crossed the New Cooper River bridge, which is not only an engineering marvel, but its diamond towers are a work of art. On July 16, 2005 the bridge was opened and dedicated to Arthur Ravenel Jr.

One of Charleston's larger parks

Jeremy found his mother's street

Horse drawn taxis were commonplace

Looking down a Charleston street

The buildings and balconies reminded me of New Orleans

US Post Office and CourtHouse

Jeremy and Nicole waiting to cross

And on the Courthouse steps

The steeple of St. Michael's Episcopal Church

South Carolina politician and Supreme Court Justice

Basket weavers were out in force. I priced one about two inches across and was told it was $20, but I could have it for $15. No way! On the right is a small park behind the Courthouse.

Jeremy and Nicole in the park

Another of many small parks in Charleston

This building is the South Carolina Society, which was organized in 1737. The building was erected in 1804. On the right is a photo of one of the lamps and ornate wrought iron work.

Looking down another of Charleston's streets

The Old Exchange and Customs House

The woman in the mobile shop is selling something

This is a market place

This is the New Cooper River Bridge. It's center span is 1546 feet nearly 200 feet above the river. The Diamond towers are 575 feet high. The main span of the new bridge is suspended by 128 individual cables between the support piers, each of which can hold more than 1 million pounds or 500 tons.

Jeremy and Nicole at Patriots Point

The USS Yorktown (and Jeremy)

The grandchildren and one of several old Naval cannons on display

A Navy Destroyer, Coast Guard Cutter and a submarine at dock

A barge coming under the bridge

A wider view with the wetlands

Old Glory

Jeremy clowning at home

Nicole chilling

This is Ginger
Ginger is a 6 year old Golden Retriever that befriended me at a rest stop in Virginia on my way back home. She was very excited and wouldn't stay still for a photo for very long. The family is from North Carolina and was on a vacation trip.

Another Ginger

The friendly North Carolina family and Ginger

Music is "The Charleston"

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