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Berry College is located next to Rome on U.S. 27 in northwest Georgia. It offers an unusually beautiful environment for learning on its 28,000-acre campus, one of the world's largest. Fields, forests, lakes and mountains provide scenic beauty in a protected natural setting.
Berry was founded in 1902 by Martha Berry (1866-1942) as a school for enterprising rural boys when few public schools existed in Georgia. A girls' school was added in 1909. Berry became one of the nation's most successful educational experiments, combining academic study, student work and interdenominational Christian religious emphasis. A junior college was established in 1926 and a four-year college in 1930; graduate programs in Business and Education were added in 1972.
The building of the college utilized the natural resources on campus. The majority of the buildings are constructed of wood and stone from the area. The student body contributed greatly in the early building of the school.
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Below you will see several photos of horses. Berry has an equestrian team
(which duchess was a member of) and has school owned horses and allows
students to house their personal horses there.

On campus housing: Above is the Teddy Roosevelt Cottage on left and faculty faculty housing. The school has a variety of options for student housing. And it also offers cottages for overnight guests at rates competitive with local motels. Thinking back, I should have stayed there.

Frost Chapel was constructed by students and staff in 1936-7. Built of stone, it features a heavy beamed ceiling, flagstone floor, and a slate roof.

The leaded stain glass windows depicting the life of Christ. On the right an exterior of the main entrance. Today this chapel is used for special programs and weddings.

About 3000 acres of the campus are set aside as a wildlife refuge, a beautiful wooded area with many ponds and small lakes.

Swan Lake is on the left. On right the Ugly Duckling, who didn't grow into a beautiful swan.

Sideview of ugly duck

A couple of quackers

Close up

Swan song

One swan swimming

Berry Schools' Old Mill
From the mill's construction in 1930 students, under the supervision of a miller, used the Old Mill to make corn meal and food stuffs for the Berry Schools. At 42 feet (13 meters) this is one of the nation's largest overshot waterwheels. Water from the school's reservoir lake is forced by gravity up the stone column and onto the wheel turning it. The mill is a testament to the practical training Martha Berry incorporated into her schools. Other practical aspects of the school's curriculum included agriculture, and the raising of dairy and beef cattle.
Sounce: Georgia Historical Society

Fish in the Mill pond

Horses, horses, horses

Out to pasture

In the barn heading to pasture

Outside of clydesdales and farm draft horses I believe, this is the biggest horse, I've ever seen. And I don't think, she liked it in her stall very well. By the way she is student owned.

If you house animals in a barn, you must have barn cats to keep the rodents under control. If you don't, you will spend a lot of money feeding the rodents.

It's all in the eyes

Berry cattle

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