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These are photos of the area in which I grew up. Much of what you see wasn't here a half century plus ago. From about age seven to perhaps 12 or 13 this was my stomping grounds.

This is just a tree that I liked

These four photos are of Mill Creek, which runs through the Erie to Presque Isle Bay. When it reaches the street where I grew up it's funneled underground through the main part of the city. As a boy I spent countless hours playing somewhere along Mill Creek.

Magyar Park is a tribute to the Hungarian Uprising against Communism in 1956.

This hammer and sickel placque appears to be from a building or monument. Perhaps they were brought here after Hungary won its independence. For more information about Hungary and its history click Hungary or Budapest or Hungarians.
On the right is another view of Mill Creek

Erie's Ice Skating Arena

Glenwood Golf Course
The golf course is named after someone now. I don't know who. In high sschool we ran crosscountry on this golf course. The photo above right shows the starting point and the hills to be climbed at the start of the race. These hills separated the good runners from the rest of the pack where I hung out.
Below left is the downhill part of the course leading to the finish line. Below right is the entrance to the Erie Zoo.

The main building of the zoo

Leftover from the Go Fish, Go Erie art auction/contest

Behind the vehicles and piles of dirt is Central High School. On the right is the track/football practice field. It's named after Fred Billetnikof who played football here and at Florida State and with the Oakland Raiders.
All of the area around the school and the many offices and clinics in the area were once owned by the grandfather of my first ex. It was called the Circus Grounds, because he leased it to the circus and carnivals when they came to Erie. He also had a large grey barn and a riding stable. We rented horses to ride from him.

Glenwood Elementary School. All my siblings attended Kindergarten here. It was made mandatory somewhere in the three years between the time I started school and when my brother David started.
On the right is a shot of the trees in my back yard. The yellow one is the culprit that drips all sorts of "stuff" on my car.

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