~Mary's and Joe's Wedding Photo Album~

It was a beautiful day to get married.
From my journal the evening of:
The Almost Wedding or the wedding that almost wasn't.
Things got a little confused today on the way to Mary's wedding. I'll start by relating that three, count 'em 3, counties were involved.
First, the County of Mary's residence.
Second, the County of the "supposed" ceremony.
Third, the County of the actual ceremony.
Three governments will confuse anyone.
Mary and Joe got their Marriage License in the county in which they reside. However, no one does civil marriages in that county. So she gets the phone book for the nearest county, and calls the Court House. An appointment is made for noon today. Fine! All's well! Okie Dokie!
So we start out for the Court House two hours before. It's a good drive. And we have to negotiate a court house with it's security and want to be on time.
"Get me to the church on time."
So we arrive about an hour beforehand and are told that the Probate Judges in that county do NOT perform marriages anymore. So the numbers in that phone book actually are for Probate Court of the county next door, but no one thought to tell Mary that.
:-( <---- Mary
:-( <---- Joe
??? <---- Me!
So now, it's a telephone marathon. Mary finally got the information on the where, when, and by whom. The catch? We have only 50 minutes to get there and it's another drive. And if we're not there on time, they have to wait until 4:30, at which time, Mary will be miles away picking her children up from school.
So the race is on. But no fear, old "guess who" is behind the wheel. I got them there with 15 minutes to spare, and now, as I type this. they are man and wife.
Married. Hitched. Joined at the heart.
So how about the "honeymoon"? Mary is sleeping in her bed, and Joe is watching the news. I think, we're all worn out over this day. All of this for a five minute ceremony.
In fact, I think I'll go nap a while before dinner.

Approaching the Court House

Walking down the aisle


A visit to the hair stylist

Last chance to back out, Joe

Here come da Judge

Signing their lives away

One last signature

A little pre-marital joke

Open your eyes, Joe. It's not a dream.

I do, I do

Here's the ring

With this ring. . .

Last minute instructions. . .

For kissing the bride

The newlyweds go arm in arm

And hand in hand through life

Joe and Mary joined at the heart

A little parking lot hug

On to the Reception Hall

Are you sure you took the keys?

Getting ready for the threshhold thing


We can't make this way

Ahhh, this is better

One more kiss for good luck

Reading the card

Opening the gift

Music is "Mairies Wedding"

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