I made a short visit to Charlotte on my way back from Florida in 2005. Charlotte is a beautiful city. A gem of the south. With a half million people it's North Carolina's largest city.
As you approach it from nearly any direction, you will see pretty much wilderness. Lots of trees and mountains all around, but then the strip of asphalt begins to widen into more lanes telling you something is near. As you come over a rise, it pops up like a storybook insert. The castle in Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. A mass of concrete and glass protruding from the green.

The Charlotte Skyline

More skyline

And more

Might be a parking garage

Might be an apartment complex

A closer look at the two buildings in the skyline photo

One of the entrance doors to the Government Center

The Government Center building

Sculpture of woman and baby playing

The other end of the Government Center
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center is a skyscraper with a triangular base, which houses City, County and State offices. I found it's shape unusual and the park fascinating.

Flags in the Government Center Park

Ther park with its bubble lamps

The Wet Quintet

The water is this green
The Wet Quintet, 1987, is an artwork in stainless steel and water by Alfredo Halegua of Washington, DC. It won a national competition for this commission. It consists of five different pools with fountains of different designs. The water was the same green in all pools, so it's my belief the pools are interconnected. I wish, the fountains had been on during my visit.

Many of the streets of downtown Charlotte are lined with trees.

A retro bus

A stainless or aluminum sculpture

Music is "North Carolina"

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