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Over half my life has been spent in Pennsylvania. Well over half as a legal resident. I lived 25 years in Florida and another seven in the Army, so about 32 years of my nearly 64 have been as a physical resident of the Keystone State. However, as is the case with a lot of people, I haven't seen as much of this beautiful state as I should. During my trip through New England in 2001, I came through the south central section and visited Gettysburg and Harrisburg. This time I was coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I saw some parts of the south western part and meandered up to Allegheny National Forest.
Take a look.

Western Pennsylvania is filled with gently rolling hills (they make you want to polka heheheheh)

Beautiful Downtown Salisbury, PA

This is Myerdale, PA

Then up to Mt.Davis

Looking down

And looking around
This was quite a climb! I was completely exhausted when I finally got to the top.
Actually the road runs right up to the peak, if you can call it a peak. Compared to other "highest peeks" Pennsylvania ranks pretty low. We're 33rd.

A farm on the rolling hills

An old railroad trestle

A wind farm in south western Pennsylvania

The skyline of Pittsburgh, PA

A closer look at Pittsburgh

Franklin, PA
The town of Franklin became a center for worldwide oil production following Colonel Edwin Drake's discovery of oil in nearby Titusville.
When Edwin Drake drilled the world's first oil well in Pennsylvania, he had not discovered oil. Oil was in use for many things, and oil refineries were already in operation. What Drake did was create an efficient way of getting to the "black gold".
When the value of oil found in northwest Pennsylvania was discovered, the world's first petroleum company was formed - the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co., in 1854. Then the Seneca Oil Co. was formed and hired Edwin Drake to find a new way of getting large quantities of it to the surface.
His idea was to drill a hole into the ground inside of a cast iron pipe to keep the ground stable and the hole open. As the hole got deeper, they would add another pipe at the top and pound it in.

A park in Franklin with an old street light

I think, this is the City Hall with more street lights

The City of Franklin War Memorial

To the left is this Vietnam Memorial

Looking across the Allegheny River

And up the Allegheny

A double steepled church

This church has about ten crosses atop

More shots of the Allegheny. I roughly followed the river all the way to the Allegheny National Forest. (next page)

Music is "The Pennsylvania Polka"

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