A real life visit here will fill up your senses.
Presque Isle Peninsula is a beautiful place, which every year faces the harsh winters and its attempts to wash the beaches into Lake Erie. Work to restore the damage of erosion was in progress as I took these photos. Presque Isle was designated a state park in 1921. In addition to its natural beauty Presque Isle has historical significance. It was here that many of Commodore Perry's ships were built and launched for his fleet, which defeated the British Naval Forces dring the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

The Perry Monument on Presque Isle Peninsula

The road in

The four lane Peninsula Drive separates into a perimeter road, that goes completely around the peninsula. On the right is the bike/skate/running/walking path that parallels the road. At some places the road is shared by pedestrians and vehicles.

The city of Erie as seen from Presque Isle with the Bicentenial Tower on the extreme left. The right photo is of homes on the bluff overlooking Presque Isle Bay.

It was a perfect day for boating

Or sunbathing

Part of the Erie Water Works

A tree ballet

Much of the State Park is an ecological preserve. The monument on the right is the Perry Monument. It was erected to honor Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry for his Naval defeat of the British in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

1813 the year of the Battle of Lake Erie

A barge at dock

The barge either picked up or left sand or gravel. On the right it is navigating the channel to sail into Lake Erie.

A lone fisherman with his goose

Waiting for a castaway meal

One of the Presque Isle tour boats

Our Coast Guard Station (keeping us safe from Canadian attack)

One of the many lagoons on Presque Isle serves as a boathouse community. On the lower right you can see repossessions are frequent. heheheheheh

We do things real classy in Erie

The channel to the lake

Looking back to the bay

Fishing is very popular here

More fisherpersons

The bluffs above Lake Erie

Two lights guarding the coast

Erie Lighthouse on Presque Isle

Another view of the Water Works building

The first three photos are of a couple of geese families on the Coast Guard Station. The two on grass were taken near Water Works Park. The other near the Perry Monument.


Tons and tons of sand are needed each year to repair the winter erosion to our beaches. It is brought to a point near the channel, then trucked to the beach areas needing it. The stone and concrete jetties are not completely effective in protecting the beach. Those eroded indentations are what need repairing. Below a tractor pushes the sand to rebuild the beach. Having watched him, I don't know, if he knew, what he was doing exactly.

Beautiful, serene Presque Isle Bay from the peninsula

Lake Erie shore

The road out

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