Georgia, that is

Where the rivers meet and the mountains begin lies a place that the early Cherokee called the "Enchanted Land!"
Two hundred years ago, the settlement known as Head of Coosa was among the largest in the vanishing Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee found this land a worthy dwelling site, as tradition held that anywhere three rivers came together was holy ground. Rome was settled after the removal of the Cherokee Indians on the Trail of Tears. The founders placed names in a hat, and Rome was chosen, since the city has rivers meet on an area with seven hills. It has been rated the 12th most livable small city in the United States.
My tour of this picturesque Smalltown, America was made even more enjoyable by my tour guide, the duchess of Rome. duchess (lower case by her choice) lives in Rome and attends Berry College (page linked below). She was a fountain of information on the history of the area (most of which I've forgotten). I can only say, it was a wonderful afternoon. I've thought frequently about settling in North Georgia, and my visit to Rome has re-ignited those thoughts. It is a beautiful place.

Welcome to beautiful downtown Rome

City Hall

The Broad Street Boulevard 132 feet across

The sunny side of the street

Rome Law Enforcement Center

Police Memorial

Floyd County Building

Rome Clock Tower

St. Peter's Episcopal Church Tower

Views from two of Rome's seven hills

A stained glass window from the Episcopal Church. Duchess said it looks like the Guardian Angel is going the push the children off the cliff.
On right is a Rome home

The Oostanaula River from the 5th Avenue Bridge

A pastoral scene on Berry College. Click to enter.

Music is "Arrivederci Roma"

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