~Jeremy and Nicole~


Jeremy and Nicole are my daughter, Mary's, children, and in spite of what she might tell you, they are pretty cool kids. Most of the following photos were taken at Jeremy's soccer match during my most recent visit to South Carolina.
I went there for Mary's FORTIETH, that's FOUR-ZERO, birthday. It was the first of her birthdays that we celebrated together, and she was very surprised when I arrived as I didn't tell her I was going to be there. In my excitment to get to the house I locked my keys in the car. The next morning Jeremy and Nicole had soccer matches, but while waiting for AAA to come rescue my keys, I missed Nicole's match. Bummer, but there will be others. I did manage to get the photos you see below.


Post-match handshakes

At right is my son-in-law, Joe, with the abandoned puppy his son found in the woods behind Mary's house. They hand-fed it for four days, but were unsuccessful in keeping it alive. At right is Nicole with her sad-eyes look.

Goaltender Jeremy

Nicole uninterested in the game

Jeremy at the left of the photo

Jeremy clears the ball out

Keep your eye on tha ball!

That's better

Jeremy kicks

Watch out, he's behind you

OOPS! What did I do?

Jeremy and Nicole play in Coed Soccer Leagues

Jeremy lines it up

And kicks off after giving up a goal

Jeremy on offense

Heading for the goal

A tree fell on Mary's house

South Carolina Historical Home

On the way back home, I took these photos of autumn colors in Virginia near the southwest end of Shanendoah Valley

Music is "Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik"

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