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I was in California from June 23 through August 10, 2011, a period of 49 days, which qualifies me to be a Forty-niner, I guess. During this time, I took many photographs of many places that did not warrant a photo page of their own. Consequently, this page contains a mish-mash of miscellaneous photos from around the state of California. I admit some of them are of places I don't recall and cannot identify, But I have done my best to recreate this zig-zag journey through California. I crossed the state west to east and back five times during my visit. Enjoy them for what they are, one last look at California, the Golden State.

The Hoopa Indian Reservation

South Fork of the Trinity River
The Hupa (Natinixwe) Indians have lived in Hoopa Valley for over 4,000 years. They lived in red cedar-planked houses, used dugout canoes to navigate the rivers, wove basketry and hats, and many elements of their oral literature identify them with the Northwest Coast Culture of Native Americans.
Their traditional language belongs to the Athabascan Language family, which relates them to other Native peoples in the region and, more remotely, to the Athabascans from the interior of Alaska and northern Canada, as well as to the Navajo and Apache Tribes of the Southwest.
One Hupa village was located in the treed area by the sand bar in the Trinity River in the photo on the right. The Hupa are one of the few Native Tribes still living on their ancestral lands.

Fog in the mountains

Whiskeytown Lake

The line across this artificial lake in the right photo is not a power line. It is a string of bouys holding up a curtain that extends 100 feet below the surface. There are five dams in the Sacramento River system to hold fresh water for citizens of California.
Years ago the water coming off the dams was too warm for the Chinook salmon to survive in the warmer water. The curtains (there is another upstream at the other end of the lake) force the colder water down to a depth that allows it to flow under the surface waters warmed by the sun. The curtain you see keeps the warmer water from spilling from the lake. Salmon populations have increased sunstantially since the curtains were installed.
Whiskeytown Lake is managed by the National Park Service.

The curtain

Cold water in, cold water out

Red Bluff, California

The following photos were taken in Red Bluff, CA, prior to my trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park

This is one of the more interesting clock towers that I have seen in my travels

Photos of "downtown" Red Bluff, CA. It is a really nice town and I enjoyed my stay there

These mountains are in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The photo was taken as I left Red Bluff to visit that park.

A couple of photos of Mount Shasta, which I saw on my way to Lassen. I think it much more impressive than Mount Whitney. But, then, it is covered with glaciers.
Mount Shasta, Uytaahkoo "White Mountain" in the Karuk Indian language is the second tallest mountain in the Cascade Range. The origin of the name "Shasta" is vague, perhaps from the Russian word Tchastal, meaning "white, clean, pure") from the early Russian settlers in California. It is located near the southern end of the Cascade Range.


After Lassen, I headed over to Nevada to visit Carson City. These few photos are from that drive

I was passing through the area where the Cascade Range ends and the Sierra Nevadas begin and was treated to some wonderful tall trees

The photo on the right is out of sequence

Scenic Highways and Byways

California is loaded with scenic routes. I couldn't tell you how many I drove. Highway 140 goes to Yosemite Valley.

Those tan areas in the right photo are sections of the road I had just driven down. I was heading back to the coast to drive a section of Highway One. My GPS doesn't know the difference between a compact car and a motor home.

These were taken near Placerville after leaving Lake Tahoe

Ayuh, Gypsy (GPS) put me on yet another one lane dusty road

In the far distance is the Salinas Valley

Heading for the desert

This sunrise was taken the morning I left Bakersfield for The Mojave Desert and Death Valley

Another of California's artificial lakes,

You can see the dirt dam left of center in this shot

I call it "Saddle Horn Rock"

Sierra Nevadas East

Panamint Mountains and a small lake

More of the Sierra Nevadas

A dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert
I had a wonderful time in California and the great people I met there were fantastic and their hospitality and freindship will remain with me for the rest of my life.

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