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I had not been to Kansas City before. I had driven through it on I-70 enough times during my travels, but never took the time to see what might be there. Larger cities are not a draw for me, unless accompanied by a friend. I was visiting friends near KC and they decided to take me to the City Market.
The River Market (also known as Westport Landing, the City Market, and River Quay) is a riverfront neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri that comprises the first and oldest incorporated district in Kansas City. City Market is a large farmer's market with fresh area produce and goods that operates Wednesdays and weekends. Various types of music from Jazz to Classical are provided at several locations in the Market Square.

Me, MJ, husband, Dave and daughter, Anne-Marie

City Market

Cooking up the brats and burgers

Me, courtesy of MJ

They were really "gettin' down"

More color

Kansas City

KC skyline (partial)
On Jnue 26, 1804, the Lewis & Clark Expedition known as President Jefferson's Corps if Discovery passed this place on their way west. In 1825, treaties with the Kaw and Osage Indians, treaties later to be broken by the United States, opened up for settlement an area between Fort Osage to the east and the Missouri state line.
In 1830, under the National Indian Removal Act, tribes east of the Mississippi River were moves west of the Missouri River permitting the subsequent establishment between 1830 and 1834 of a westernmist commerecial outpost which would eventually become Kansas City.
In 1832, Francois Chouteau with his Illinois bride Berenice, built the first warehouses for storing westbound steamboat- delivered goods to Choouteau's Landing in Chouteau's Town at the Missouri River and today's Olive Street.
In 1833, John Clavin McCoy from Kentucky, with J.P. Hickman and J.H, Flournoy, established a frontier village later known as Westport. They traded furs with the Shawnee, Delaware and Kansa Indian Tribes while outfitting missionaries and settlers westbound on the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail.
In order to cut a three-day wagon trip McCoy found another landing four miles closer to his customers, cutting the trip by one day. This became known as the "Kansas" or "Westport" Landing.
The land was eventually sold at a court-ordered public sale to a fourteen-man town company, including McCoy. The named it the Town of Kansas after the nearby Kansas Indian ZTribe.Both the river and state to the west also received the name Knasas. In like fashion, bith the Missouri River and state took the name of another nearby tribe, the Missouris.
On june 3, 1850, after platting by McCoy, the town was charterd the Town of Kansas by the County Court of Jackson County, which was founded in 1827. In 1853, it becane the City of Kansas and in 1889, Lansas City. Because of its strategic location, Kansas City became young America's second leading cattle market, after Chicago, and railroad hub. The Kansas City Stockyards never recovered from the Great Flood of 1951 and eventually closed.

Upstream Missouri

Downstream Big Muddy

Looking across the Missouri River
I could not tell you how many times the Missouri River (Big Muddy) and I have crossed paths. Far more than the Mississippi River (Old Man River) and I have crossed the Mississippi countless times. I seem to run into Old Muddy everywhere I go in the western USA.

Bridge walkway to the river

Kauffman Center
The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is a newly inaugurated performing arts center in downtown Kansas City. The building was completed in September of 2011 and the first performances, An Evening of Theatrical Delights were held on the weekend of September 16-18, 2011.
It is home to the Kansas City Ballet, the Lyric Opera of KC and the Kansas City Symphony. The Center consists of two Theatres, the Muriel Kauffman Theatre and Helzberg Hall. The Kauffman Center joins the Lincoln Center as another of the few performing arts centers in the country to have two (or more) performance venues in one building.

Music is "Kansas City"

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