~ Bates Woods Park, New London, Connecticut ~

I went there for the wrong reason. However, I did have an enjoyable walk in the woods.

I have this quote on my journal.
"The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think." ~ Gregory Bateson When I was looking at the map for possible places to visit in Connecticut, I mistakenly thought his name to be Bates and misremembered his being English as being New English and, again, mistakenly thought the park might be named for him. Well, three wrongs do not make a right.

Bates Woods Park offers three baseball fields, two play areas, three pavilions, a nature trail and on-site parking. It spans more than 95 acres on the northeast side of New London. It is home to the Bates Woods Environmental Education Program, which is dedicated to inspiring children to appreciate nature and acquire knowledge of earth science and land use. There was on the map of the park a fenced in section marked "Deer & Bison." I did not see any deer or bison and found no mention of them on any site concerning Bates Woods Park. I could not even discover for whom the park is named. Perhaps Bates Woods Park is Connecticut's best kept secret.

Bates Woods Park

On the other side of this bridge the trail ends. It was overgrown with vegetation and I turned back. I passed the Animal Control Facility, which occupies a part of the park grounds.

New London Animal Control Facility

These animals did not look pet friendly. There were "Rabies" signs over some of the cages. In addition to these two large, angry dogs, there was a Great Dane, who was at the back of his cage and lack of lighting prevented my getting his photo. The New London Animal Control Office only handles dogs. No cats or other small animals are kept or offered for adoption.

Then there was this little guy on the left, who appeared as if he had just stepped out of a Disney movie. The photo on the right is where the deer and bison area was supposed to be located.

The sign photo on the right shows the trail. The place where I turned back is on the left about half way up the relatively straight section of the trail. I walked the lower portion of the trail.

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