~ Wintering in Colville, Washington ~

I am spending the winter of 2010/11 visiting my friends, Nancy and Bud in Colville, Washington. I haven't spent very much time in snow country since moving into Arvie, my motor home. I had been in a couple of places where it did snow, but I was on the road and was able to drive to where the snow wasn't most times. Not so this time.

The scenery is more than beautiful out here. There are mountains in every direction, so you know I love it here. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I am enjoying taking them.

This page will be updated as photo opportunities present themselves. Most likely until some time in spring 2011.

Note: This page was updated on January 20, 2011. There are about three times the number of photos as were on the original page. I have tried to capture the area under differing lighting and weather conditions.

Colville and Surrounding Area

If it looks cold, that's because it is

Photos taken ten days apart

Driving through a Christmas card
The following photos are from the Columbia River/Lake Roosevelt area. Lake Roosevelt was formed by the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam. Kettle Falls, many historical sites such as Fort Colville, a Hudson's Bay Company trading post, and Native American burial sites are also now under water.

The last two photos were taken from the bridge across the Columbia River near Kettle Falls. The bridge is an old iron construction erected in 1940. That makes it older than I am. The falls was near the bridge

Around Nancy and Bud's Home


I came upon this small herd of deer coming back from Kettle Falls on two different occasions. There were six to eight of them browsing in an alfalfa field.

A group of five or six deer in the Colville National Forest

Hawk on the hunt

Music is "Winter"

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