~ Crater Lake National Park - Day One ~

The photos on this page were taken on the first day of my visit to Crater Lake National Park. I told some friends that, next to the Grand Canyon, this was the most awesome place in the Continental United States that I have visited to date. That covers a lot of territory.

There are three pages for Crater Lake, the Getting There page, then a page for each of the two days I was there. This is Day One.

Crater Lake has inspired people for hundreds of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty, and an outstanding outdoor laboratory and classroom.

William Gladstone Steel worked for 17 years to convince Congress that a national park should be created to protect Crater Lake. He finally succeeded and the park was authorized on May 22, 1902.

First Looks

My first look at Crater lake told me this is a very special place.

Of course I had to get in on the act, but I am no match for this place

Crater Lake deserves a panorama, because it is a panorama. Your eyes automatically follow the rim around stopping only to take in the breathtaking blue of the water.

An abundance of mirror images

The two peaks are The Watchman and Hillman Peak
Hillman Peak is the highest point on the rim at 8151 feet The Watchman is 8016 feet..

The Watchman, Hillman Peak, Devil's Backbone and Llao Rock with Wizard Island in the foreground
Yes, the water is that blue. It's a giant reflecting pool.

Three photos into one

That's Mount Scott between the trees

Llao Rock on the left

Snow, Llao Rock, blue water and sky and Mount Scott

There's that guy who keeps getting in my shots again

On the far right of the right photo is Garfield Peak the third highest point on the rim.

Wizard island

Rock outcropping on the cliff

You will see several photos of Wizard island here. The island was so named after many attempts to come up with a name that stuck, because the man who named it thought it looked like a wizard's hat.
What fascinated me about the island is that for centuries after the eruption that caused the top of Mount Mazama to fall into the magma chamber, then a vacuum chamber, eruptions kept occurring forming Wizard Island as the caldera filled up with water. There are other peaks within the caldera, but they remain under water.

Looking down the cliff at Discovery Point and lots of snow

The beginnings of an avalanche

One happened here
From the top it may look like any snow and be safe to walk on, but the areas are roped off so people don't end up in the lake

I can only imagine what it looks like in the dead of winter

Taking a walk

The following set of photos were taken walking along Rim Road where it was not open to vehicular traffic. They are of Oregon south of the park.

I do not know the names of any of the mountains in these photos, except Mount McLauglin to the left of the trees in the left photo and to the right of the tree in the photo on the right. They are all in the Cascade Range.

The road was clear here, but not far enough to reach the next parking area, so walking was the order of the day. It was open for five miles from Discovery Point and I walked about a mile and a half of it.
The shoreline of the lake is where the points of the arrows of snow line up in the mirror images.

Of course I had to leave my name behind. The first one didn't photograph well. so I made the other on the right. This snow was ice and all I had to carve my name was a credit cart.
After making the first impression, a man stopped to read it. He asked if I was Native American. I told him no. It turns out he is also from Pennsylvania and his wife, who was already back at the car was from Erie and went to school three blocks from Mom's house.

Back to the Lake

Some of these photos may look like repeats, but they were taken from four different view points miles apart.

Wizard Island

Mount Scott, Garfield Peak and the southeast rim

Rim Village Viewpoint

There's a window in there

Crater Lake Lodge and Garfield Peak

Rim Village Visitor Center

Wizard Island at dusk
After eating dinner and resting up from the walking, I went back to the Rim Village Visitor Center to watch the sunset. Behind the Visitor Center there is a path to a viewing point and observation platform part of the way down the cliff. It was there that I watched the sunset.

Phantom Ship Island is a small island near the southeast shore of Crater Lake. Seven different types of trees live on Phantom Ship Island. There are also colonies of violet green swallows, and several varieties of wildflowers and lichens living there. Phantom Ship is a remnant of one of the mountain's original cones (Phantom Cone) that dates to about 400,000 years ago.
It was very difficult to get photo of Phantom Ship, because of the restricted locations from which we could take photos. These two above are the only survivors from Day One.

Green light refracted in the shallow water of the lake and Wizard Island

That distant peak is Mount Theilsen north of the park. The wind had picked up so good mirror images were not possible.
The dark spots in the sky and those light spots on the water in the photo on the right are not the result of a dirty lens. They are water drops falling from the roof of the Visitor Center to my right.


The young woman in the right hand photo and her parents were visiting from Germany. We talked about my times in her country and their visit here. When I took this photo, she asked if she spoiled my shot and I told her she hadn't and that I would put her on the internet.

Just a few quick photos here, but it took what seemed like forever to get them at the time



Still going...


Then it was time for the trek back up to the rim

And the after sunset shots

Day One is done

Crater Lake - Getting There
Crater Lake - Day Two

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