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Most of the photos here were taken while driving up U.S. Highway 93 in Nevada on the way to Great Basin National Park. When travelling in Nevada in 2002, I did not think the state very mountainous, as I had driven south through a large valley, until reaching Beatty, where I crossed mountains into Death Valley. I've changed that opinion. In fact, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the Lower 48. Most of the Great Basin lies within the state of Nevada and there are hundreds of mountain ranges running generally north-south and parallel to one another in the basin.

I passed little in the way of civilization of this leg of the trip. A couple of small towns like, Caliente, NV, and several ranches and farms. There just isn't much in the Great Basin Desert except along the I-80 corridor. But, as you will see, there are mountains.

Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas Full Moon

Mountains around Las Vegas

Still in the Mojave Desert

U.S.Highway 93

Coyote Springs is a golf resort about an hour north of Las Vegas. It would not be my choosing to golf in a desert.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, established August 16, 1963, is located approximately 90 miles north of Las Vegas in Lincoln County, Nevada. Located within the Pacific Flyway, Pahranagat NWR was established to provide habitat for migratory birds, especially waterfowl. Pahranagat's lakes and marshes are a rare sight in this part of Nevada.

The lake originates from large springs to the north of the refuge

Rock Formations Along U.S. 93

The Great Basin Desert

The last of the Joshua Trees

To get to Caliente, the first town of any real size, I had to drive through a long, narrow canyon through the Delamar Mountains. The end of this canyon is in the above right photo.

Caliente, Nevada

Caliente is not very large, a one-horse kind of town. There is the Old Train Depot-turned museum (below) with an old box car and caboose on display (above) and a few farm and ranch related businesses. The elevation of the town is nearly four times the population. The town gets its name from the nearby hot springs.

Nevada Evening Skies


This tree was at the rest stop where I stopped for the night.

Snake Mountain Range

The Snake Range is a line of high mountains, in east-central Nevada. The highest peak in the range is Wheeler Peak at 13,063 feet, which lies in Great Basin National Park. There are two groupings of mountains in the range spearated by the Sacramanto Pass. U.S. Route 6/U.S. Route 50, the "Loneliest Highway in America" runs through Sacramento Pass. In 1986, the southern section of the range was selected as the location of the Great Basin National Park, recognizing both the unique geologic features of these mountains as well as their representation of the region as a whole.

I did not take that dusty dirt road up into the mountains. I, more or less, went around them.

And over them through Sacramento Pass, then down into Baker Valley and up into Great Basin National Park in the Snake Mountains.

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