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Hurricane Ridge is a mountainous area in Washington's Olympic National Park. It is accessed by a rollercoaster road from Port Angeles and is open to hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. The road has many sharp curves and steep grades and many stopping places to view the Olympic Maountains.

At an elevation of about 5,200 feet (1,585 m), Hurricane Ridge is a year-round destination. In summer, visitors come for views of the Olympic Mountains, as well as for superb hiking. During the winter months the small, family oriented Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area offers lift-serviced downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Hurricane Ridge is named for its intense gales and winds. The weather in the Olympic Mountains is unpredictable, and visitors should be prepared for snow at any time of year.

I was there on June 4, 201 and the road was still not open to vehicular traffic beyond the Visitor Center. Winter dies hard in the Pacific Northwest mountain areas. I did take a walk along the road for about a mile past the Visitor Center.

Mount Opympus is barely visible from Hurricane Ridge. Most of Olympic National Park is Wilderness and there are no roads that take one close to the Mountain.

The Drive Up

The road

Steep forests

Glacier-capped mountains

All together

Mountain Vistas

I was really surprised by the number of cyclists biking up the mounatin to Hurricane Ridge.I counted about fifteen of them.

On the left is Mount Baker. I believe Mount Baker is the second most photographed by me, next to Denali (Mount McKinley) in Alaska. Whenever I'm in Washington, I see Mount Baker. On the right is one of several tunnels on the road up to Hurricane Ridge.

As you can see they are fairly close together

I stopped at every turn out to take photos

Aside from the birds, this was the only wildlife I encountered. She was very cooperative. I just stopped on the road and let her approach.

Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center

Snow shoe hikers and skiers were in abundance

The darker peak in the center of these photos is the top of Mount Olympus. I guess I took several nearly the same to make sure I got it.

I did not make the smiley face. I did put Greywolf Borealis in the wall, but cannot find the photo. In periods of better weather this road is open to vehicles. Not while I was there.

Ayuh, that's me by a wall of snow and that's Mount Baker again taken on the way back down from Hurricane Ridge.

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