~ Redwood National Park ~

and Northern California Coast

Old growth redwood forests heve been reduced by logging from 2 million acres in the 19th century to about 100,000 acres today. Redwood National and California State Parks include almost 40,000 acres, nearly half or what remains.
Coast redwoods tower over all other trees in the world. They average 300 feet in height with some nearly 370 feet tall. Giant sequoias, cousins to the redwood, grow larger in diameter and bulk, but not as tall. The cone of a redwood (they are pines) is the size of an olive and the seed that becomes the tree is a small as a tomato seed.
Coast redwoods grow naturally in a zone 450 miles long by 25 miles wide and below 3,000 feet in altitude. This area spans from the central coast of California to the southwestern corner of Oregon. Some of these trees are more than 2000 years old. Unfortunately they are still being logged.

Driving the Redwood Highway

Northern California beach

These are not redwoods

Crescent City and Crescent Harbor, California, distance and close
Crescent City Harbor has been an important port for almost 150 years. The lumber industry shipped redwood, spruce and fir from this port to ports along the west coast.
Dangerous shoals near Crescent City claimed thier toll on shipping, but the construction of the St. George Reef and the Crescent City lighthouses help navigators avoid these hazards, today.

The Redwoods

These are truly big trees

The boat in the above photo is also in the photo directly above it. That is the power of 24X zoom.


Portions of this coastline are underlain by what geologists call the Franciscan melange. The melange is composed of immense blocks of highly resistant rocks (chert, greenstone and sandstone) within a matrix of softer, more easily eroded rock. The more resistant blocks survive the erosive power of the ocean to form the seastacks shown in these photos. The constant assualt from the ocean erodes the softer rock causing the shoreline to retreat inland.

The sand is black

Me on the beach

Bones of the forest

Taking time to smell the flowers

Music is "Silver Inches"

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