~ Bennington, Vermont ~

Bennington was my first stop in Vermont and getting there was not easy. I had a tire blow out on I-88 in New York state.

I stopped in Bennington mainly because it has one of only four Walmarts in the entire state. However, once I got there, I learned that Bennington was a good place to visit.

First, Robert Frost is buried there along with his wife and several children. Second, Bennington is also the home of the Robert Frost Stone House Museum. Both facts would seem to settle the argument of Frost preferring Vermont to New Hampshire.

Four Chimneys Inn

I did not stay at the Four Chimneys Inn, but I did like the look of the building. However, I did stay in a Vermont inn, the Chipman Inn, when I visited Vermont in 2001. There's good reason that Bob Newhart chose Vermont and a Vermont inn for his Newhart show setting. For natural beauty and hospitality Vermont is tough to beat.

On the left is an old school house. I am not sure if the museum was built around it or if the school house was moved from another location. On the right is an old grinding stone.

The bell was cast by Jones & Co. of Troy, New York in 1878. The statue of Lincoln is The American Spirit sculpted by Clyde Du. V. Hunt of Vermont.

Robert Frost Grave

Up the hill and around the bend from the musuem is the cemetery where Robert Frost is buried

Robert Lee Frost, March 26, 1874 - January 29, 1963. Buried with Frost are his wife, Elinor, and children, Marjorie, Carol, Elliot, Elinor and Lillian. Elinor died one day after her birth. Four of Frost's children predeceased him. His life was filled with tragedy and he suffered from periodic bouts of depression. The signed hand-writen copy of Stopping By Woods was photographed at the Robert Frost Stone House Museum.

Robert Frost Stone House Musuem


Two views of the rear of the house

A drawing of the house from the 1920s, when Frost lived there

The front view

I photograph flowers, wild and domestic, everywhere I find them on my travels.

On the left is the side yard. Moving inside was a disappointment. There are only two rooms on display. The owners live on the second floor. The first room has some 1920s period furnishings and a photo of Frost above the fireplace. Some books and photos of Frost with information about Robert Frost are on the other three walls.

The second room is unfurnished and has only a wall display of information about the writing of Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening and comments about the poem, which is Frost's most famous and studied work. All photos in that room were taken for information only.

After my brief visit inside, I headed back out and spotted this old wood stove on the porch and the magnificant shade tree in the backyard.

Also outside there were more flowers to photograph and the sign

In the evening back at the Walmart, I caught these colorful skies of a Bennington sunset

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