~ Bingham Falls, Vermont ~

Smugglers Notch State Park
Bingham Falls is a series of three drops near Smuggler's Notch (a notch is a narrow pass through a mountain range) in northern Vermont. The lowest of the drops is a 25 foot cascade into a beautiful, clear, teal colored pool. The approach to this section of the falls is more difficult (more about that later) than the top sections. Access is via a two mile hike down into the gorge, sometimes using stone steps.

The upper gorges have been carved out of the Schist and Gneiss rock, over thousands of years through weathering and erosion. Freezing and thawing of the rock help the water to slice through the gorge walls. Sediments are carried downstream hitting everything in their path and making their impressions on the gorge walls.

Bingham Falls was nearly lost to a developer from Massachusetts, who planned to build a resort here. Thankfully, Stowe, Vermont, has an ondinance that states that all falls must be left open to the public. The land was purchase by Stowe Land Trust and resold to the State for preservation for future generations. Bingham Falls is one of the busiest attractions that I encountered on my tour of Vermont.
Source: Information signs at Bingham Falls

On the way to Bingham Falls I passed The Rusty Nail Bar and Grill.
I thought the building was interesting.

Bingham Falls

As usual, I hiked through beautiful forests

Visitor Information sign

Looking down into the gorge

Looking over the edge of the gorge

People climbing the rocks near the upper falls

One of the smaller upper falls

This is the top tier

Another shot of the top tier

Heading down the trail to the lower falls

The, ahem, stone steps

Part of the trail was very pleasant, but

Did I mention that the steps were very wet and slippery?

The Lower Falls of Bingham

First view of the lower falls

People were everywhere

That splash in the left photo was made by a person. On the right is another jumper. I'd still rather jump from a plane.

A couple of unobstructed views of the falls

This guy takes the easy jump

But you have to admit that he does have form

See the jumper in the trees?

There he is!

Thinking about body surfing?

It was very crowded for a Monday

Okay, so here's where I fell on my ass. I was on those wet slippery rock steps and the trail was blocked by a fallen tree. It was too low for me to stoop under, so I threw one leg over, then the other leg and found the tree even more slippery than the rocks and once both legs were on the same side, I just slid off and down onto the rocks right on my ass. The girl in the photo was trying to grab me to stop my fall. Having my camera always at the ready I snapped this slightly out of focus shot in mid-air. I was okay, though, the only thing injured was my pride. On the right are some cool rocks and more people.

This is looking downstream from the falls

Looking back up

The lower falls and the clear teal pool

One last look and it was time to take those stone steps back up to Arvie. Budder would be anxious to hit the road again.

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