~ Moosalamoo National Recreation Area and Montpelier, Vermont ~

The Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, encompassing 15,857 acres, is a premier recreation destination that includes hiking trails, mountain bike trails, cross country ski trails, snowmobile trails, the Robert Frost Trail and camping areas at Silver Lake and Moosalamoo campgrounds. It is managed and maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. If you have followed my travels in 2012 so far, you know that Moosalamoo NRA is the third NRA I visited this trip.

A National Recreation Area is a designation for a protected area in the United States, sometimes, but not always, centered on large reservoirs and emphasizing water-based recreation for a large number of people. The first National Recreation Area was the Boulder Dam Recreation Area (later renamed Lake Mead National Recreation Area). Early National Recreation Areas were established by interagency memoranda of agreement between the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the National Park Service. In 1963, the President's Recreation Advisory Committee issued an Executive Branch policy that established criteria for establishing National Recreation Areas. The policy also called for all future National Recreation Areas to be established by acts of the United States Congress. In 1964, Congress made Lake Mead National Recreation Area the first such area to be established by statute. In 1972, Congress created Gateway National Recreation Area in and around San Francisco under the management of the National Park Service thereby becoming the first "urban national park". One NRA, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, was redesignated Cuyahoga Valley National Park in October 2000. There are currently 42 NRAs and I have visited seventeen of them to date.

The trail began like this

Parts of the trail were like this

A boulder sliced like bread

On to the Falls of Lana

The trail runs through beautiful forests

This welded steel penstock carries water from Silver Lake at the top of the mountain to an electrical power plant far below. The mountain has a 45° slope here and workers were suspended by rope during construction to prevent them from falling off the slippery rocks.

The fan-shaped grill on the penstock is to prevent animals and people from climbing on the pipe. This one looked as if it had had a run in with a bear. The guy with the dog makes the hike up to the lake every day.

The Falls of Lana

Not all of the water from the lake and the mountain streams makes it to the power plant. Much of it takes an even faster run over the Falls of Lana to Lake Dunmore in the valley (see photo below)

After the Falls of Lana, it was back on the trail to Silver Lake

Some of the trail was this Forest Service service road

Silver Lake

Three views of Silver Lake from left of, on and right of the dam. The pipe (below right) feeds water to the viaduct then on to the power company

Here are photos of the Forest Service tent campground. A Forest Ranger approaches in the right photo. I talked with him and he recommended another trail to hike to the far side of the lake, but that would have taken me several miles from Arvie.

On the left is one of the streams feeding the Falls of Lana. I met this hiking family going up, while I was coming down. We talked a few minutes and I asked her if I could take their photo. You see the result.

Some people hiking the other side of the Falls of Lana and an interesting rock formation of layered rock standing on end.

Lake Dunmore at the base of the mountain on the left. Back in Arive and headed on to Williston, Vermont I came upon a one lane bridge. While waiting on the light, I caught the photo on the right. To the left of the biker you can see part of the original bridge, which was two-lane. The repair or rebuild only allows for oneway traffic.

Montpelier, Vermont

Vermont State House

Montpelier became the capitol of Vermont in 1808 with the construction of the first State House. This is the third State house to occupy this site and was completed in 1859. The second State House was destroyed by fire in 1857.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture

You don't see many of these these days

The Vermont History Museum

Vermont's Supreme Court

A part of the rear of the Agency of Agriculture building

A typical street in Montpelier

Another street in Montpelier

The Winoski River

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