~ Wappapello State Park, Missouri ~

Wappapello Lake is the creation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A dam was constructed across the St. Francis River in 1941, which makes the lake about my age. The dam's primary purpose is providing flood control to protect farmers down river.
On Monday, May 2, 2011, water began to breach the temporary levee atop the spillway next to Wappapello Dam. Once the breach began, water flowed over the length of the dam. Wappapello's overflow swept away a 400-foot section of Missouri Route T in front of the emergency spillway. It also gouged out chunks of earth 30 to 50 feet deep in the area where the highway was located. The Corps of Engineers did not have an end time for this overflow, which took out about $18 million in infrastructure when it washed away Route T. The over flow lasted more than two days until lake levels came below the level of the dam.
Various sources. See the photo of the breach at the end of the section on the dam.

Wappapello Dam

Unfinished landscaping at the Visitor Center

Daffodil close up

Purple flowers are a favorite of mine

Closer look

Complete with bumble bee

The washout

Water is a powerful force

The ex-highway
The old Highway T ran across the photo in front of the tree line, where now is a gorge.

This shot is along the face of the dam

It took a lot of water to do this
This photo was taken by an uncredited someone present during the breach

Those bird motel was near the Visitor Center. With all the attention I thought some baby birds migh be visible. Not so, but there are two eggs outside the house on the lower right. I have no idea how the parents will get them inside. Perhaps that's what they were discussing in the photo on the left.

Lake Wappapello State Park

After walking around the area of the Visitor Center, we headed over to the lake and the park. The park lies on the southwest shore of Lake Wappapello. It is operated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
It is a really beautiful area.

The signs say "No Swimming," but someone is out of their boat.

On the right are Zhnee and I at the lake.

Zhnee took this photo of me with feet in water. I was too chicken to go in the chilly waters of Boze Mills Springs, but this was warmer? It wasn't cold at all, but getting in the water with bare feet proved not so wasy. The rocks were sharp and my feet tender. I had rolled up my pant legs, but not far enough and ended up getting them wet. It was another fun day.

Music is "America The Beautiful"

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