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a short story in erotica
by thomas r. mac krell

Sometime far in the future from when they had first met and had lunch in the spring of 1996, they met once again for lunch. This lunch was to be the same as the first, filled with lively conversation and laughter and much curiosity. This lunch was, also, to be different from the first, bearing no restraints, or restrictions, and no fears. This time both of these people, who had been the closest of friends since that first meeting, were now single, unattached, and completely free. And this lunch date was to become a new beginning in their relationship.
They both knew exactly what would transpire when lunch was over. In stark contradiction to the crowded and very public restaurant, they would adjourn to a more private setting. They would only require one room and a shower, providing that room housed a very spacious bed. The homework had been done, as they both had eagerly awaited this moment for a very long time. It truly seemed like forever to them both. Although they had been separated by both time and distance, their hearts, minds, spirits, and souls had been joined by a bond so strong that no adversity could not be overcome. And very soon their bodies, too, would be joined.
They arrived shortly past two in the hot Florida afternoon, and the air-conditioned room offered safe haven from the sun. Several hours later the air-conditioner would lose it's effectiveness. They did not rush, after having waiting so long for this occasion, rushing would have been fool-hardy. This was an event to be savored. Like a fine wine, it would be treasured forever. They embraced and kissed powerfully as if it were the first kiss they had ever shared. And slowly, methodically they began to undress one another. The passion was surging within their bodies. But they had their agenda and would not vary from it one iota. Once undressed they gazed upon each other's body with reverence and the deepest of respect. When the breathing became audible, they shared the most romantic shower one could ever imagine. They bathed each other from head to foot. The sensuousness of the washing of the other's hair sent their blood raging through their veins. They washed one another's body with a thoroughness and tenderness reserved for fine china and crystal. There was much caressing and kissing, but there was no invasion. Only their tongues entered their partner's mouth. Bathing completed, they slowly walked to the bed and lay down beside one another. The moisture on their bodies, chilled by the coolness of the room, sent shivers up and down their spines. Two tongues began exploring then, tasting the wet skin and drinking each other's nectar. He allowed her the top as he reversed his position on the bed, and they tasted the most private parts of each other's bodies. When the passion became nearly unbearable, he once again reversed his position on the bed. He once again allowed her the top. The entry was smooth and effortless, and he revelled in the moistness and warmth of her body. She was gentle yet powerful. He was forceful yet patient. As she moved about his manhood, back and forth, up and down, side to side, he gently caressed her body concentrating on her generous breasts, kissing, sucking, nibbling and engulfing a sizable amount in his mouth. Their mouths sought each other, touching, kissing, opening, tongues intertwining, exploring the innermost regions of their open mouths, probing, prodding, twisting, circling, tasting, drinking of the aged wine of the other. She threw her arms around him, held him tight, clutching, grabbing; she never wanted to let him go. She must not lose her grip. She was thrusting; gyrating wildly now, it was coming, she was coming. Her breathing grew heavier and faster. She was moaning with delight. She yelled out his name, and her vagina contracted with pleasure and joy. He offered his support, he offered his movement, and thrust his pelvis against her. Her body exploded with satisfaction, quaking, shaking, then subsiding in peace. She leaned forward and placed her breasts upon his chest and gently rolled to her left and pulled him atop her without losing the most important contact their bodies knew.
He was in charge now, and he knew exactly what to do. And he did it ever so slowly with a precision unequalled. There were thrusts and parries; horizontal--- vertical--- and circular motions. He was now in ecstasy. His breathing now matched hers at it's upper limit. Faster, faster --- slowly, slowly. She now began to move beneath him. Their bodies undulating--- meeting --- parting, meeting --- parting. They were of one body, one heart, one mind, one soul, and one spirit. There was no one else in the universe. Then it began: his orgasm was so intense, he felt as though his entire insides would exit his body through his penis. He exploded, his essence entered her body and she felt it. It was hot, moist, and so voluminous she thought it would fill not only her vagina, but her uterus as well. And accepting this warm, moist fluid of life, she came once more. Nearly simultaneous orgasms.
They lay together, arms about the other --- spent --- satisfied --- serenity --- peace. The moisture on their bodies no longer water, but a mixture of their perspiration and their essence and their effort. Their pulse rates and respiration subsided slightly---ever so slightly. They kissed once more, the tongues did their job. They were completely and absolutely in tune. They revolved around one another. They committed to one another unashamed and unconditionally for life, for they never before experienced anything like this first time. They napped through the afternoon and after supper went dancing.
That night they slept together for the first time.

Copyright, Thomas R. Mac Krell, 1998.

Music is "One Man's Dream"

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