~State Trek~

trek vi. trekked, trekking, treks. [Afr., to travel by ox wagon Du. trekken to travel.]
1. To make a slow arduous journey.
2. To travel by ox wagon in South Africa.
n A journey or leg of a journey, esp. when slow and difficult.
2. A migration.
trekker n. One who treks.

My vacation in 2002 took me through 23 states. The tour covered the Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and a flight up to Juneau, Alaska. I'd like to report that all went exactly as planned, but I can't. I'll get to that later. The states I visited are, in order, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, back through Ohio, and home to Pennsylvania. A few of these I was in more than once. Like Ohio, which I was in first and last, and Oregon which I crossed into several times. All in all I crossed 41 state borders.
I selected "America the Beautiful" for the background music for this page because it truly is. Purple mountains majesty, amber waves of grain, spacious skies, beautiful lakes, wonderful forests, magnificent deserts, rolling hills, flowing rivers, glacial ice that was snow 250 years ago, before our country came to be, and babbling brooks. This is America the beautiful. You can view all the photographs, and look at so many postcards from all over this country; but until you see it with your own eyes, you haven't begun to see. The only type of terrain I did not experience on this trek through the states was a swamp. I'm saving that for my vacation next year when I complete my journey through the 50 states.
I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed placing them here for you. I hope all of you will have the chance to see America the Beautiful first hand. It's something else!
This page is finally completed. Thank you for your patience while I constructed these fifty-five pages. I do hope you enjoy the story of my trek. If you have any comments, corrections, or criticisms, please leave a note in my guestbook. Thank you, Thomas.
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America the Beautiful

My journey began in Ohio

Then to Michigan and Pictured Rocks NLS
Click here to see Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

The dairy farms of Wisconsin

Across the Mississipi into Iowa

West to Nebraska and a sunrise

Me at The Badlands N.P. in South Dakota
Click here for Chimney Rock
and Scott's Bluff

Click here to see The Badlands N.P.
Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Me at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Montana at Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Wildlife)
Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Landscape)

The Entrance to the Blackfeet Nation.

Glacier N.P in the morning mist.
The Mountains of Glacier National Park
The Waterfalls of Glacier National Park

The Little Big Horn Battlefield
This is the view from Last Stand Hill.

Wyoming near the Lower Falls at Yellowstone N.P.

Yellowstone National Park

Mount Washburn and the Wildlife

The Hot Springs and Thermal Basin

The Canyon and the Falls

The Grand Tetons National Park

Some flowers in front of Utah's Capitol Building

North to the canyons of Idaho

The Nez Perce Nation Idaho

Snake River Canyon

Hell's Canyon

For a friend Many states

This is me at Mount Ranier Washington

Grand Coulee Dam

Mount Ranier

Me at the Mendenhall Glacier Alaska

Sundown from the Oregon Coast
Tongass Rainforest/Mendenhall Glacier
Alaskan Wildlife
The Oregon Dunes
Azalea State Park

Here I am at Yosemite California

Me at the Strip (photo by Cat) Nevada
Yosemite National Park
Death Valley National Park
For a look at Las Vegas, Nevada
Click Las Vegas.

Standing on the edge Arizona

The Grand Canyon Part 1

The Grand Canyon Part 2

I was Enchanted in New Mexico
The Four Corners Monument
The "Infamous Route 126"

Colorado, Rocky Mountain Plains

Kansas, definitely a plains state

Missouri, Gateway to the West

The Gateway Arch

Illinois, Land of Lincoln

Indiana, Indy 500

Full Circle, Ohio

Under this photograph you will find the flowers I photographed on my State Trek

Music is "America the Beautiful"

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